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Financial & Life Planning for Healthcare & University Professionals
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Whether you’re looking to

Reinvigorate your career and life path Cincinnati, OH Ohana Wealth & Life Planning

Reinvigorate your current
life or career path

Change careers Cincinnati, OH Ohana Wealth & Life Planning


Design a purposeful retirement Cincinnati, OH Ohana Wealth & Life Planning

Design a purposeful

Ohana Wealth & Life Planning is a financial life planning firm that focuses on helping medical or university professionals to discover what’s next and build a financial road map so that they can secure their financial future, invest with their values and live their ideal life. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, professor, administrator or other professional, our promise to you is to successfully guide you on your ideal life path, while helping you find and live your purpose. In helping you plan for what’s next, be it retirement, a career change or simply trying to add more meaning to your life, we can build a life, financial and investment plan to help you successfully reach your destination.


We understand your financial needs

Our team has been working with doctors, nurses, professors, administrators, and other healthcare and university professionals for over two decades, providing holistic financial advice to help determine where you want to go and develop a roadmap to get there.  We are trained to ask the right questions and, more importantly, listen to your responses. Our goal is to assist you in envisioning what your ideal life should look like, and then help you create a future that gives you a sense of freedom and fulfillment. By bringing your life goals into the financial planning process, a solid financial strategy can be built around them. Let Ohana help you find your purpose and build your life plan!

We do our best work with:

  • Professionals in the medical or university field that are established in their careers and need guidance in determining what comes next that will bring them fulfillment long after their current career, whether that is retirement or a second act they never dreamt of.
  • Those whose hard work has enabled them to accumulate investable assets of at least $500,000 and want to manage this wealth through a more sophisticated financial planning and investment approach, all based around their personal values.
  • Those looking for a partnership approach that provides quality information, advice, and discussion regarding their financial goals and wealth strategies.
  • People who are looking for a full-service suite of life and financial planning advice that incorporates life planning, a customized financial plan, values-based investing, retirement and tax planning, and much more.