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Re-Evaluate Your Relationship With Finances

The Most Important Thing Isn’t Your Money

It’s the Fulfillment You Get Out of Your Daily Life

Many of us have said “I’ll be happy when...”, but for most of us that “when” never seems to arrive. The more we make, the more we think we need. To end this cycle, a discovery of what's truly important or meaningful needs to occur. With this, a plan can be built to focus on just that.

Life Planning Bridges the Gap

Between Our Financial Realities And the Lives We Were Meant to Live

Discover a purpose that aligns with your values, hopes and dreams 


Develop a financial strategy to enable you to make those dreams a reality


Uncover your most heartfelt meaning in life and live with passion, gratitude and understanding

Source: Fidelity Investments

Our approach is different than traditional financial planning which primarily focuses only on the quantitative aspects like saving and investing.  While we use many of the same tools and investment vehicles that other firms use, we will initially focus on the top of the pyramid and building out your ideal life path.  Only when you become truly inspired will your goals clearly laid out will we then design a comprehensive financial and investment plan that will allow you to merge your current situation with your ideal life.  We utilize a low-cost fee-only planning approach that will allow us to work with you in an unbiased and fiduciary manner. 

No matter what stage in life you are in, if you are currently leading a life that is less purposeful than you’d like, Ohana Wealth & Life Planning can help you on the path of making your dreams a reality.

Financial Life Planning Is About The Freedom to Uncover Your Dreams 

and Make Them a Reality As You Pursue Life’s Passions

Life Planning helps you re-evaluate your relationship with money so that your financial resources are dedicated to supporting your life of greatest value, meaning and purpose. You are the expert of your life’s purpose, we are the experts in the financial elements necessary to make it all possible.

Ready to Live Your Ideal Life?