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Values Based Investing

Invest With Impact. Invest With Your Values.

Our Goal: To Help You Achieve Yours

At Ohana Wealth & Life Planning,we have only one goal: to help you acheive yours.  We design your portfolio to best allow you to achieve your long-term goals, be it for retirement or something else.  There are several principles that we subscribe to increase your odds of success.

1. Own a Mix of the Right Asset Classes

The greater risk you are willing to take, the greater potential return.  But you also need to balance it against your other goals, as well as your time horizon, tolerance for risk and the potential for losing money.  There are two important components to consider when designing your ideal portfolio.


Asset Allocation can help you strike the right balance between risk and return in your portfolio.  Holding a broad range of investments can help lessen the impact on your portfolio from any one market or economic event.  That’s because different investments gain or lose value at different rates and at different times. Asset allocation refers to how you allocate amongst the different asset classes of stocks, bonds and cash in your portfolio. Because various asset classes typically have varying rates of return and risk profiles, asset allocation can play a role in helping you reach your investment goals.

Diversification takes this process one step further by spreading your money across different types of investments within each asset class. Rather than trying to figure out which type of stock or bond may perform best at any point in time, you’ll invest in many types. Over time, the ups of one investment have the potential to balance out the downs of another, creating a smoother ride and reducing the overall risk level of your portfolio.

2. Keep Costs Low

Historically, one of the best predictors of future returns has been the overall cost of your investments. Typically, lower cost investments have provided better returns.  For that reason, we build our portfolios utilizing low-cost investments that can help improve the success rate of your portfolio.

3. Own Tax-Efficient Investments

For those accounts where taxes are a concern, we'll create a customized portfolio that factors in the tax costs of the investments that we utitlize.

4. Values Based Investing

As part of the Life Planning process, we will help define your core values and, if appropriate, choose areas of impact to invest.  Our ultimate responsibility is to help you build a sustainable portfolio that will allow you to reach your goals, while living in harmony with your values.

There are many different terminologies used in values-based investing, some with slightly varying methods but all with the purpose of aligning your personal values with how you invest your assets. Sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI) all consider environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns that can have a positive societal impact. Basically, doing well by doing good.

Interested in building a sustainable portfoflio?

What Benefits Can You Expect From Investing With Us?

Tax Loss Harvesting

Asset Allocation

ESG Investments

Diversified Portfolio fit to your goals and needs

Personalized Client Portal

Quarterly Performance Reporting

Automatic Reallocation and Rebalancing

Let Us Help You Build Your Investment Portfolio