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Ideal Living

Live Your Purpose.  Invest With Impact.  Enrich Your Community.

"Ideal Living" - our monthly guide to finance and wellness to inspire you to create a life of purpose and impact.

August 2020

We took a breark in July, but we're back this month with fresh new articles to inspire you.

  • "The Fuel of Personal Development is Motivation"
  • Why Regenerative Agriculture is the Future of Sustainable Food
  • Community Spotlight: Fibonacci Brewing Co.
  • Team Ohana: Nature Getaways
  • Upcoming Events:
    UC Retirement Plan Changes Webinars


June 2020

We have some great content lined up for you in this month's issue.

  • 5 Questions to Ask When You Need Help Finding Your Purpose
  • Reduce Your Impact - Plastics (Part 2)
  • "10 Reasons You Need a Garden"
  • Community Spotlight: Local Food Connection
  • "Working From Home: Understanding Home Office Deductions"


May 2020

This issue of "Ideal Living" includes:

  • "Three Equations for a Happy Life, Even During a Pandemic"
  • What emergency relief options are available to me?
  • "The Health Benefits of Going Outside"

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September 2020

Stay tuned!

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