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Creating a Sense of Fulfillment at any Stage in Life

Ohana Wealth & Life Planning was started to fill a void in the financial planning space. Our team’s mission is working intimately with a small group of clients that are passionate about not only living their ideal life, but also positively impacting the world around them.  Our holistic approach combines the benefits of traditional financial planning with the much-needed piece of life planning.  This simply means we first get to know you and your passions before any financial recommendations are made. 

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What We Can Achieve Together

Live your purpose Cincinnati, OH Ohana Wealth & Life Planning

Live Your


Let our life and financial planning process help you build a path to achieve a life of purpose.

Invest with Impact Cincinnati, OH Ohana Wealth & Life Planning

Impact & Values


Our investment philosophy focuses on you achieving your financial goals with an investment portfolio you are comfortable with.  Diversifying, keeping costs low and building a portfolio that aligns with your personal values is the cornerstone of our strategy.

Enrich your Community Cincinnati, OH Ohana Wealth & Life Planning

Enrich Your Community


We encourage everyone to have a positive impact on their community.  Ohana is actively involved and volunteers at local charities and organizations.  We also donate 2% of our revenues to local causes that we feel help make a positive contribution to the Greater Cincinnati area.


Ohana Extends Beyond the Core Family to Include Friends, Neighbors and Community

We believe one of the most important things in life is family, as we are all connected to one another in many ways. While being part of a family has many benefits, it also comes with responsibilities. At Ohana Wealth & Life Planning, our goal is to help you build the life you were meant to live. By living a purposeful life, you will in turn have a positive impact on your ohana.

Create the life we love Cincinnati, OH Ohana Wealth & Life Planning

Jeff and family whale watching off the coast of Costa Rica.

Susan relaxing in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Each of Us Has the Power To Create a Life We Love and a LifeThat Makes a Difference

We hope to touch as many lives as possible by guiding you in finding your life’s purpose and working through your life plan so that you can achieve and live that purpose. Ohana Wealth & Life Planning is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and serves clients both within the region and around the country in the areas of life planning, financial planning and wealth management.  We are happy to do both in person as well as virtual meetings.

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