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We Are Transparent About Our Costs and What You Can Expect

Our Client-Focused Fee Structure

As a fee-based fiduciary advisor, we believe transparent pricing is a vital element of offering our services in a fair and ethical manner.   Our comprehensive approach to fees includes our full suite of life and financial planning services, including investment management.

Benefits (What You Get)

  • A series of meetings with a Registered Life Planner to develop a Life Plan to help you live your ideal life
  • A comprehensive Financial Plan that's designed to adapt to your changing needs and help grow and protect your wealth over time
  • An Asset Map that details your total financial picture in an easy-to-understand format
  • A complete tax return analysis
  • Enhanced investment opportunities provided by a customized investment plan and a portfolio built around your goals
  • Ongoing advice and service from your dedicated team that includes a Financial Advisor, Investment Manager, Life Planner, and Client Engagement Specialist
  • Streamlined account opening and digital account platform that integrates all aspects of your financial life into one place
  • Maximized social and environmental impact of your assets with SRI and ESG investing
  • Peace of mind knowing that you have both a Life and Financial Plan that are built to help you fulfill your life's greatest dreams
  •  Educational client communications: blog posts, emails and newsletters containing the latest in investing, financial planning, and environmental and socially responsible topics

What can you expect working with us?

Fees (What You Pay)

Initial Planning/Onboarding Fee: $1,000

We view working together as a mutual commitment.  This one-time, upfront fee covers some of our initial expenses to develop your Life Plan, Financial Plan, investment management strategy, and client onboarding (paperwork processing, digital account platform, communications, etc.)
+ Annual Planning Fee: $5,000
Our work with you is never finished, it's ongoing. The annual planning fee compensates our team for our continued work together. This comprehensive fee includes our full suite of life and financial planning services, including investment management.
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Management of the first $500,000 of eligible assets in your investment portfolio is included in the annual planning fee, and if available this fee can be pulled directly from your investment acccount.  Any investment balance we manage above $500,000 is billed at a declining rate as shown in the table below.

Investment Management

Investment Management
$0 - $500,000
Included in Annual Fee
$500,000 - $1,000,000
$1,000,000 - $2,000,000

What's Our investment process?