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How to Discover and Live Your Ideal Life: A Guide for Medical & University Professionals Thumbnail

How to Discover and Live Your Ideal Life: A Guide for Medical & University Professionals

Are you living your ideal life?  Can Life Planning Help?

There are many pressures currently facing those in the medical and university fields today.  The pandemic has driven burnout and stress among health care workers, especially the front-line workers that have dealt with the systemic changes to providing care amidst COVID-19.  Exhaustion, depression, and sleep disorders are just some of the symptoms many doctors and nurses have experienced.  In addition, increases in patient volume and staff shortages along with more regulations and requirements have left care providers feeling overwhelmed with less time to spend 1:1 with patients.  Administrators and university professionals are also struggling to retain critical personnel and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible amidst a changing economic environment.  While professors and educators have had to deal with virtual teaching and trying to keep the learning environment safe for all when in person. 

All these factors have led to a growing number of people to start questioning their life’s choices, wondering what their life’s purpose is, and pondering what their ideal life may look like.   Some may be starting to wonder whether a career change may be in order.  Others may still love and remain passionate with their careers but are wanting to restore a better work/life balance.  Looking to engage in hobbies or other passions that may provide fulfillment or reenergize them outside of their career.  While still others may be contemplating retirement and what that may entail. 

If any of this resonates with you, you may benefit from going through the Life Planning process to make sure you’re living the life you want to live.

What is Life Planning

The financial planning industry has helped many people over the years define their goals and build a plan to save for retirement or college, manage their cash flow, and invest their assets.  But there’s been something missing from this process.

Life Planning is the natural evolution, as it goes a step further in the financial planning process by getting to deeply know the client in order to help them uncover their true motivations.  Unless there is an important financial decision that needs to be made immediately, the planning process begins with listening to the client’s desires, helping them visualize their ideal life, and creating a path that will help overcome any hurdles that may be in their way.  A financial plan can then be built based on the client’s current circumstances as well as their ultimate goals.  Basically, financial planning done right.  

This process succeeds by using a mindfulness-based process that allows for the planner to truly connect with the client by actively listening to their needs and desires and connecting with them emotionally so that they get a clearer picture of a client’s entire self, not just their financial situation. And it all starts with listening.  Yes, that’s right, listening.  Financial planners are used to solving problems, and while that is still the case dealing with the client’s finances and investments, when it comes to life planning it’s all about giving the client the time and space to build and execute their own life plan, gently guiding them along the way.  

How Can Life Planning Help Me?

When it comes to leading your ideal life, for many people things seem to get in the way.  Coming out of school, the initial focus is on finding a good job that pays well.  Then it’s on to building a career, something you can do for the next 30+ years.  Basically, trying to live the myth of the American Dream, especially as it relates to the focus on self and money.  While all of that may be extremely rewarding, when you’re stuck in the weeds of day-to-day jobs and responsibilities, it’s easy to lose focus on what initially was important to you or the things you wanted to accomplish.  Hobbies and interests may be put to the side.  The career you initially envisioned may feel oppressive and the many anchors of life keep you from changing anything. The years pass slowly away.

So how can a life planner help you?  They give you the permission to dream and to reignite those long-forgotten passions.   To create a life that provides you freedom, joy, and fulfillment.  To realize that beyond a career you should be looking for your mission in life.   Getting paid to do what you love along with finding joy outside of work.  Things that showcase your energy and passion.  To realize that your life can be better.  That typically the only person standing in your way is you!

To be sure, it’s not as simple as flipping a switch.  There is work involved.  But once you are free to express your true desires, and guided on a way to overcome any challenges, a plan can be built to achieve the things you were meant to achieve.   It also becomes much easier and more fulfilling for you to stick to the plan and enjoy the journey knowing that you are on the way to building your ideal life.

The beautiful thing about this process - You are the one in charge the whole way.  That’s right!  With proper guidance, you come up with the vision of where you want your life to be.  You find ways to overcome the hurdles that are in your way.  And you execute the plan.  If you follow the process laid out and led by your planner, you’ll see the results.

Most people will find a benefit from going through the Life Planning process, especially if you’re willing to be honest and open about your life within a confidential setting.   You may be early in your career and searching for your true calling, mid-career and looking for a change, or preparing for a purposeful retirement.  All will benefit from achieving the satisfaction of doing what they were put on this earth to do.

Even for those who remain fulfilled by their career, in spite of the stress that may be a part of the job, this process can help keep things in perspective, make sure you are leading a balanced life, and doing the things outside of work that can make you happy.

Once you start down this path, you will notice your focus turning to finding joy in everyday life, building relationships, and being in the service of others.  The feeling of freedom to do what you were meant to be doing.   In short, how to be the best version of yourself that engages in a life that is fulfilling and rewarding.

Ready to live your ideal life?

Are you a healthcare or university professional?

Do any of the following apply to you?
  • Changes in the work environment have caused you to question your career path
  • Looking to reprioritize areas of your life in search of more meaning or seeking a better work-life balance
  • Contemplating early retirement or near retirement, but not sure what to do next

Are you ready to live your ideal life?

Contact Ohana to help get you on your personalized path.

Jeff Spitzmiller is the CEO of Ohana Wealth & Life Planning based in Cincinnati, OH.   Ohana specializes in life and financial planning along with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investing principles for professionals in the healthcare and university fields.  The firm is an independent financial advisor and a fee-only fiduciary.  Jeff and the firm also enjoy volunteering and giving back to the local community.  You can reach Jeff at jeff@ohanaplanning.com.

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