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Whether you're looking to

Reinvigorate your current life or career path, change careers, or design a purposeful retirement, Ohana Wealth & Life Planning can help guide you in this process.

At Ohana Wealth & Life Planning, our goal is to help you build the life you were meant to live. By living a purposeful life, you will in turn have a positive impact on your ohana.

Each of us has the power to create a life we love and a life that makes a difference.  Ohana exists to help guide you in finding your life’s purpose and working through your life plan so that you can achieve and live that purpose.

Our ultimate responsibility is to help you build a sustainable portfolio that will allow you to reach your goals, while living in harmony with the environment. Our hope at Ohana is to work with those who share our belief that we can all make a difference in solving environmental and social problems by how we spend, give back to the community and invest our assets.

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What We Can Achieve Together

Live your purpose Cincinnati, OH Ohana Wealth & Life Planning      

Live Your


Let our life and financial planning process help you build a path to achieve a life of purpose.

Invest with Impact Cincinnati, OH Ohana Wealth & Life Planning        

Invest With 



Our investment philosophy focuses on environmental and socially conscious investments where you can feel good about the companies you are investing in, knowing they align with your personal values while still allowing you to reach your financial goals.

Enrich your Community Cincinnati, OH Ohana Wealth & Life Planning        

Enrich Your Community


We encourage everyone to have a positive impact on their community.  Ohana is actively involved and volunteers at local charities and organizations.  We also donate 2% of our revenues to local causes that we feel help make a positive contribution to the Greater Cincinnati area.

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