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A Realistic Approach to Achieving Your Goals

Ohana Can Help You Discover Your Potential and Embrace Your Passion Along Your Financial Journey

Our Financial Roadmap

Our team has been working with medical and university professionals for over two decades, providing holistic financial advice to help determine where you want to go and the roadmap to get there.  We are trained to ask the right questions and, more importantly, listen to your responses. Our goal is to assist you in envisioning what your ideal life should look like, and then helping you create a future that gives you a sense of freedom and fulfillment. By bringing your life goals into the financial planning process, a solid financial strategy can be built around them. Let Ohana help you find your purpose and build your life plan!


Our process includes building a custom Asset Map with your total financial life picture in one simple visual.  Watch how it works.

There is a commitment involved as we work through the life planning process with you.  All clients are different, but we typically follow three stages as we move through the life planning process and build your personalized plan.

Stage 1: Your Life Plan

(Typically 4 meetings over 3 months)

  • Let’s get to know each other: The most important thing we can do is to learn about you and understand what is most important in your life.  We learn your goals and listen to your beliefs and experiences towards finances.
  • Your Homework:  Organize your financial data and important documents and safely store them in your personal financial portal.  In addition, you’ll record your current cash flows to gain insight into your income and spending patterns.
  • Build Your Life Plan: This is where we really delve into the life planning process. We start by helping you further discover the things that are most important and meaningful to you and prioritizing those details so that we can later build a plan around them.  As we all know, getting from where you are currently to where you ultimately want to be isn’t always a simple process. So we will work with you by discussing any obstacles that may be in the way of you building your preferred life. We'll guide you in ways to overcome those challenges so you can design the life you were meant to live.

Stage 2: Your Financial Plan

(Follow-up Meetings – Over the next 3 - 12 Months)

For your Financial Life Plan we will utilize the financial data you provided and the personal details we learned in Stage 1 to develop a financial plan that is customized to your Life Plan. Your Financial Life Plan will be one part Where am I now, one part Where do I want to go and one part How do I get there?

Where am I now?
We begin with an in-depth dive into your current financial situation.  This analysis will be done using the data gathered during Stage 1 as well as what you input into your financial porrtal.  Topics that can be covered in the analysis include:

  • Household Balance Sheet: Everything you own and everything you owe, all in one place. 
  • Household Cash Flow: We will highlight all your sources of income, inflows, and analyze them against all your expenses.
  • Investment Analysis: A comprehensive view of how you currently have your assets invested. 
  • Insurance: What type of and amount of coverage do you currently have? Are there any gaps?
  • Savings: How much are you currently saving? How much could you be saving?
  • Retirement Projections: This will provide a look into how far along you are your road to your retirement goals.
Where am I going?
This is where the Life Planning and Financial Planning come together. Here we will establish financial goals that align with your Life Planning goals. These goals will be fully customized to your life and dreams. A few easy examples:
  • Retirement: Do you want to retire? If so, when? Does retirement mean you’re done working or just that you’re done with your current career?
  • Charity: Is giving to charity important? If so, what charities are important? How much would it take to make what you give meaningful to the charity, but also to yourself?
  • Education: Do you have kids to put through college? Do you want to go back to school?
  • Bucket list: What are the top fun things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet? 
How do I get there?
This is where we will provide you with recommendations based on where you are now and layout tangible action steps that show you can follow to get you where you want to go. Some of the areas we can provide recommendations:
  • Investment Management: What changes need to be made to your current portfolio? Do your investments align with your goals and equally importantly, your values?  
  • Estate Planning: What needs to be done to ensure that your financial legacy is protected? 
  • Employee Benefits: Are you making the most of your employer sponsored benefits? Are you putting enough into your retirement plan? Is your 401k or other retirement plan invested correctly?
  • Goal Planning: Are you putting your hard-earned money to work in the correct ways to give you the best chance of achieving your goals? Where are you on the path to achieve your goals?

Stage 3: Keeping Your Life Plan on Track


Now that your plan is built and you have a roadmap to allow you to achieve more than you thought possible, we’ll continue to support you along the way.  As we all know life happens - situations change and goals may be reprioritized.  At Ohana, our team of professionals are here to keep you on track.  

As part of our annual planning fee, you will receive:

  • Ongoing guidance and support - whenever you need it:  Contact us if you have questions or your life or job circumstances change.
  • Progress updates:  We’ll monitor your life plan to make sure you stay on track.  Periodic phone calls and/or video conferencing can be scheduled to discuss any action steps that may be needed. 
  • Semi-annual review meetings: We’ll get together to do a thorough review of your financial life plan and discuss any needed changes. 
  • A new life plan:  Met your goals and want to reach higher?  Have new changes you want to make? Let us help you redesign your life plan.
  • Front of mind reminders & education: Our periodic Ohana newsletter will provide you with the latest updates in the ESG/SRI world as well as pieces that will help keep your Life and Financial Plan fresh in your mind.

In addition, you can enjoy ongoing technology support and resources:

  • Your personalized financial portal: You will be able to monitor your financial progress in our secure online portal.  
    • On demand reports concerning your budget, cash flow analysis, and your progress towards specific goals can be run on demand and in real time. 
    • Mobile access.
    • A consolidated view of your financial picture. 
    • Unlimited document storage to safely store all your important financial documents.

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