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Values Based Investing

Invest With Impact. Invest With Your Values.

We Are All Stewards of the World We Live In

Our ultimate responsibility is to help you build a sustainable portfolio that will allow you to reach your goals, while living in harmony with the environment. Our hope at Ohana is to work with those who share our belief that we can all make a difference in solving environmental and social problems by how we spend, give back to the community and invest our assets. 

There are many different terminologies used in values-based investing, some with slightly varying methods but all with the purpose of aligning your personal values with how you invest your assets. Sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI) all consider environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns that can have a positive societal impact. Basically, doing well by doing good.

Your Sustainable Portfolio Foundation Cincinnati, OH Ohana Wealth & Life Planning

Seeking out the highest financial return is not our only goal. We also look at the impact that companies have on the environment, how they treat their workers and the community, and the methods they use to earn their profits. Incorporating a more responsible investment approach also doesn’t mean you have to lower your return expectations, as many studies have shown you can earn returns similar to the overall market by utilizing ESG investment mandates. In addition, sustainable investing can be a risk mitigator, with the goal of avoiding firms that violate the ESG principles.

The investment methodology can be applied across all asset classes, and the criteria used to evaluate companies is consistent with our overall fiduciary responsibility. We will work with you on setting up your personal diversified portfolio around what matters most to you, while also making sure your portfolio has the risk and return requirements you are comfortable with.

Your Globally Diversified Portfolio Cincinnati, OH Ohana Wealth & Life Planning

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